Shukan NY Seikatsu (News paper), October 17, 2009
Solo exhibition themed "Thread of Life" by Mayumi Takagi

      Mayumi Takagi is an artist living in New York who has 
versatile talents that include sculpture, painting, graphic arts and 
printmaking. She has a solo exhibition located downtown in OVED 
& OVED gallery (101 Avenue of Americas, 15th floor, 212-226-2376). 
On exhibition are seventeen artworks, including etchings, lithographs, 
and portraits in oil. The theme of the exhibition is "Thread of Life". 
Invisible threads form connections between people in life. Takagi 
expresses this in one instance as a red thread running through 
several etched works. Her lithographs are based on watching 
families and lovers spend time together in Central Park. Also 
present are seven oil paintings which are very strong, individualistic 
      Takagi thinks time is an illusion. A photo of "The Red Thread" 
shows the light and space of a moment captured through etching 
and aquatint. This masterpiece, created in 2009, has won many 
awards including the Leatherstocking Region FCU Prize at the 18th 
Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition "Essential Art" from 
Cooperstown Art Association, the 3rd Prize of the Graphics division 
in the 67th Annual Audubon Artists Exhibition and a Nessa Cohen Grant. 
      The artist will be in attendance at the exhibition's reception 
which will be held on the 21st of this month. The exhibition goes on 
until December 28th. (Sachiko Oyagi)
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Pictured artwork: "The Red Thread" by Mayumi Takagi

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